I have been contemplating this question for years now. Who is Jaime? What do I want in life? What am I working towards? And of course, the question everybody wonders: what is my purpose in life?

Obviously, I can answer the basic questions abut who I am. My name is Jaime. I am currently 23 years old. I am a gender fluid lesbian. My favorite color is a tie between green and blue. I absolutely love animals and children. I love to help people and want to spend my life as a doctor working with children.

Most people would see these and think okay so this person has a start in life and knows where they want to end up, right? Not exactly!

Yes, I do know what I want to work towards in life and who I want to become. But getting there for me is not just as simple as going to class, getting good grades, and enjoying life.

I have health problems that complicate my path on reaching these goals. And yes for some people that is just an excuse, but for me it is more of an irritating pest that likes to throw me road blocks. I won’t get into the health problems I am facing currently, I’ll save that for later on.

After all, my health problems do not make me who I am, they just create some new circumstances for me to overcome.

So for now I’ll answer the question in the simplest way ever. I am a person who is trying to figure out life and live it to its fullest. And if anybody wants to follow me on the journey keep reading along as I post. Maybe other people will face some of the same complications and journeys that I am going through and you can help me figure it out. But in the mean time I will keep posting and see where it leads.


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